Building a Better Neighborhood Together

By making an 11th Street that everyone can use and enjoy it will be a place that unites us, instead of a barrier that divides us. There is a thoughtful plan to meet this goal.

A Proven Plan for Safety

By reducing 11th Street from four lanes to three — one each way and a turn lane — we can greatly reduce the number of crashes, up to 47%. This has been done many times elswehere. We can do it here.


A four to three-lane conversion

Pedestrian refuge island

Walk this Way

By narrowing the street, we can make it safer to cross. With refuge islands, pedestrians only have to cross one lane at a time. This reduces the number of pedestrians hit by cars by 56%

Increased Foot Traffic = Good for Business

Would you rather have cars speeding by your business on their way somewhere else, or hungry customers walking by smelling your delicious tacos? People-oriented streets are more prosperous than auto-oriented ones.

photo courtesy of Ian Freimuth, Creative Commons.

Slab Friendly

A win for walkers is not a loss for drivers. We drive too. Long-term traffic studies by the Federal Highway Administration show that four- to three-lane conversions have minimal impact on traffic flow.