11th Street Has a Problem with Dangerous Speeds

Despite a speed limit of 30 mph, drivers average nearly 40 mph on the wide road. This is extremely dangerous! Colliding with a pedestrian at that speed results in a nearly 90% chance of fatality.

Dangerous by Design

With a configuration that encourages speeding, four-lane undivided roads are among the most hazardous. It gets worse. 11th street experiences nearly 10% more crashes than the average four-lane road.

2000 W. 11 th – 1000 E. 11 th | 2010-2019 | TxDOT CRIS

11th Street at Nicholson

11th Splits Our Neighborhood in Half

The width of the road and speed of drivers make crossing 11th a risky proposition – especially for children on their way to school, the elderly, and those with physical disabilities. Pedestrians have the right of way at crossings like Nicholson, but it’s almost impossible to do.